Jan 18 2023

TimeCST - America/Chicago

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Session 2: Designing Sustainable Client Retirement Plans – Insights From Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Merton

This exciting interview features Nobel Prize winner in Economics and MIT Distinguished Professor Robert C. Merton, who has made some of the most ground-breaking contributions to the field of finance and retirement solutions in the last 50 years. Join IAMS’s Chris Conroy to hear this insightful discussion with Dr. Merton about the pressing challenges of our US retirement system and how we should think about solving these problems through well-designed retirement plans and sound risk management. IAMS is very appreciative of Corebridge, as well as Market Synergy Group’s Tre DePietro and Dimensional Fund Advisors’ Kyle Ozaki for helping make this special interview possible. 

Key topics we will cover will include:
• The 3 ways to manage retirement risks and how you can help your clients
• The biggest looming challenges to the US retirement system and how we can solve them
• Increasing your clients’ probability of a sustainable retirement
• Annuities as a foundation for many clients’ income needs
• The future of retirement income solutions

Interesting fact: Professor Merton’s work in finance and mathematics with other experts led to the “Black-Sholes-Merton” model which is used today by many insurance and investment firms to price derivatives that are used for many indexed annuities and life insurance products.

Corebridge Financial


Corebridge Financial


  • Chris Conroy
    Chris Conroy
    Executive Vice President - IAMS, Inc.

    Chris Conroy is one of the most dynamic and trusted leaders in the financial services industry, having a track record of growing business across insurance carriers, IMOs, broker/dealers, independent RIAs, and top producers. Conroy brings with him more than 20 years of industry experience, serving as head of annuity sales for a top national insurance carrier, and previously as senior vice president of national accounts at a leading IMO. In addition to his current role with IAMS, Inc., Conroy served as the 2020 chairman of the National Association of Fixed Annuities, NAFA.

  • Robert Merton
    Robert Merton
    MIT Distinguished Professor

    Robert Merton is a Distinguished Professor of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management and a 1997 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics. His research on finance theory includes lifecycle and retirement finance, optimal portfolio selection, the dynamics of institutional change, and improving the methods of measuring and managing macro-financial systemic risk.