SILAC Presentation


Jan 20 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Annuity & Life Insurance Sales Trends & Opportunities

In our featured presentation for day two of Ascend we speak with Sheryl Moore, President/CEO of Moore Market Intelligence, and Rudy Mehl, Vice President of Sales at SILAC Insurance Company. We’ll take a deep dive into various prospecting and sales ideas for Life and Annuity agents and review some tips to help successfully market your business in the new year.

SILAC Insurance Company


SILAC Insurance Company


  • Rudolf
    Rudolf "Rudy" Mehl
    Sales Vice President - SILAC Insurance Company

    With over 20 years in the financial services and Brokerage General Agency industry, it is Rudy’s goal to assist financial advisors to grow their businesses. He is passionate about forging sustainable business relationships and educating/uncovering new business opportunities for his clients.

    Rudy is a regular presenter at BD conferences, regional offices, advisor agencies, and individual offIces. His focus is on current market trends/sales ideas and how we can assist our clients to build their practice.

  • Sheryl J. Moore
    Sheryl J. Moore
    President, CEO - Moore Market Intelligence

    Sheryl J. Moore is president and CEO of Moore Market Intelligence. She is also the founder and creator of several competitive intelligence tools, including,, and’s Indexed Sales & Market Report. Moore Market Intelligence specializes in providing competitive intelligence tools to the insurance industry, particularly the indexed life and annuity markets. Ms. Moore provides competitive intelligence, market research, product development, consulting services, and insight to select financial services companies.